Friday, May 23, 2008

Tennis Ball Massage

A tennis ball can be used to for a back self-massage to relax tense muscles. Standing with the back against a wall, a tennis ball is to be placed between the back and wall. By running the tennis ball up and down the back and in a circular motion one can experience a great massage.

This self-massage can also be tried by placing two tennis balls in a tube sock and tying a knot to close it. The balls are then placed on either side of the spine, either leaning against a wall or lying on the floor. Then one has to roll the way up and down the back.

When the feet hurt putting a tennis ball under each foot and rolling the balls around with slight pressure is quite helpful.

It is relevant to remember that the tennis balls are to be kept on the muscles and not directly on the spine.

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venus said...

Tennis ball is an excellent self massage tool because it is so handy and most of us have it. People have even used things like smooth river rocks and given to patients for self massaging.It basically acts on the muscle knot or trigger point.