Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gross National Happiness

The only country in the world which puts happiness central to government policy is Bhutan. The concept is rooted in the Buddhist notion that the ultimate purpose of life is inner happiness. The government must consider every policy for its impact not only on Gross Domestic Product, but also on Gross National Happiness (GNH).

The concept of GNH apparently is based on the assertion that true development of human society takes place when material and spiritual development occur side by side. The four pillars of GNH are the promotion of equitable and sustainable socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, conservation of the natural environment, and establishment of good governance.

According to a global survey conducted by the University of Leicester in 2006 referenced to as the "World Map of HappinessBhutan is the happiest country in Asia and the eighth happiest country in the world.


Mridula said...

Now that is quite interesting!

venus said...

Everybody wants to be happy and happiness predominatly comes from within. It is possible to achieve complete happiness if our internal and external attitude is correct.With positive and happy attitude it is possible to be happy in negative and hostile environments also.

VS said...

Venus: Studies show that environment does play a role and a happy company is always desirable.

Mridula: Thanks.