Monday, May 18, 2009

The Happiest Man

Mathieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk who is also an academic, scientist, author and photographer.

He has been labeled as the ‘Happiest Man in the World’. MRI scans have shown that long-term meditators experience high levels in the left pre-frontal cortex of the brain. A study done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison involved attaching 256 sensors to the skull, and three hours of continuous MRI scanning. The scores of hundreds of volunteers ranged between +0.3 indicating depression and -0.3 denoting great happiness. Mathieu Ricard’s score was much beyond the others at -0.45.

Mathieu Ricard talks about ‘mind training’. He says that, happiness is a skill and it requires effort and time.

Matthieu Ricard has his website which contains his photography and writings.

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Anonymous said...

Boy I do need to start meditating with immediate effect. 'Time' I have quite a bit on hand, it's the effort part which is daunting. Kidding! As they say happiness is a state of mind, MR has prove it through his study which makes the pursuit of happiness a very achievable goal.