Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happiness Equations (1)

Formulas have been defined for happiness (H).

According to Positive Psychology,

H = S + C + V

Where, S = Genetic set point; C = Circumstances; V = Voluntary activities

The genetic set point for happiness is said to have about a 50% influence on happiness. This is said to be immutable. Happy parents would have happy children. Circumstances are said to cause a 10% influence on happiness. Intentional activities can affect happiness levels to about 40%. Thus by choosing the right activities a person can significantly increase his happiness levels.

According to a report by Carol Rothwell and Pete Cohen,

H = P + (5 x E) + (3 x H)

Where, P = Personal characteristics (inherited and learnt) and outlook on life. Outgoing, energetic, optimistic, resilient and flexible people tend to be happier.

E = Existence needs. Some basic existence needs which need to be met are health, financial security, personal safety, a sense of belonging and engaging in meaningful activities.

H = Higher Order needs. These relate to a deeper outlook on life and personal relationships and include self-esteem, expectations, depth of relationships and sense of humour.

The report is downloadable and includes the self-assessment questionnaire.


Mridula said...

In my last comment our was a typo I ate the 'y', I must have been hungry.

The question I am asking is how did you get interested in happiness as a subject and in this detail?

VS said...

Mridula, somehow I am unable to give a succinct answer. The interest is for a fresh vision. :o)