Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tips for Happiness And a Novel Term

Robert Holden shares the following ten tips to increase happiness.

1. Define Happiness – A person’ definition of happiness, influences significant decisions in his life.

2. Accept Happiness – Be willing to accept that happiness already exists inside you.

3. Follow Your Joy – Notice what truly inspires you, listen to your heart’s desires and recognize your soul’s purpose.

4. Choose Happiness – Choose instead of chase happiness.

5. Free Happiness – A lot of happiness is overlooked because it doesn’t cost anything.

6. Love Someone – People who give their time, energy and attention to their important relationships are happier.

7. Forgive Now – Forgiveness releases people from their past and positively affects their happiness course.

8. Vocal Gratitude – The more grateful a person, the happier he/she is.

9. Beware Martyrdom – The person and the people around him are happier when he treats himself better.

10. Be Present - Happiness is where you are. The more present one is in each moment, the more happiness he/she will find.

The above tips are discussed more in the slideshow ‘10 Ways to Find Happiness’.

While discussing the satisfaction levels of some individuals, in another related resource, he uses a term "happy-chondria" for a condition based on a belief that any happiness carries an eventual fall and price (A related technical term could be cherophobia). Dr. Robert Holden says that a person has got to dare to let life be great, and trust that happiness can happen and that it can last.


Mridula said...

I agree with no. 9 for sure.

VSB said...

I went through the slideshow '10 ways to find happiness' and could identify, relate and accept the truth about the enummerated steps to happiness.
Sometimes when life gives you a fine knocking, you suddenly become wiser about certain facts ragrding happiness. Dr Holden's observations often echo my own thoughts. AND NO THIS ISN'T AN ATTEMPT AT PLAGIARISM FROM MY SIDE :)

VS said...

Mridula: Martyrdom and happy-chondria are perhaps unique to our population.

VSB: I guess we all see but start observing only when we want to.