Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happiness in Relationships

The primary trait to look for in a partner is strength of character.

I thought about it and I find it very apt. Good character values are not only uplifting and inspiring but also come in useful during times of interpersonal conflict.

In an article, author Karen Salmansohn says that to find sustainable happiness in love, one must prioritize finding a person who:

1. Values growing as a person.

2. Understands that a relationship serves the double function of ‘den of pleasure’ (fun, companionship, etc which keep the passion thriving) and ‘laboratory for growth’ (to inspire, nurture and motivate each other to achieve eudaimonia).


VSB said...

Strength of character, understood in terms of fun, companionship, inspiration, nurturing and motivating each other with that which is pivotal to individividual defination of happiness, is without contention the lynchpin of of a happy relationship. However, respect for each other's differing attitudes, interests, perspectives, emotions and sensitivities makes a relationship 'alive.' Instead of trying to cast the other in our image, if we learn to appreciate such differences between two individuals, without being overtly judgemental, it can make relationships 'happening.'

VS said...

VSB: 'Laboratory for growth' should cover that aspect. However, I think that too much difference in attitudes should be an avoidable aspect.