Monday, March 29, 2010

The Ultimate Happiness Prescription

In his book ‘The Ultimate Happiness Prescription’ Deepak Chopra talks about certain practices in daily life which result in joy and fulfillment. He writes about seven keys which according to him would lead to self-knowledge and enlightenment.

First Key: Be Aware of Your Body

A person experiences happiness when the body is in a natural state. By listening to the body and responding with awareness a person can tap into infinite possibilities and experience naturally peace, harmony and joy.

A very interesting activity has been mentioned while discussing this topic. Allocate time (about 20 minutes) to yourself when not feeling rushed, relax and simply tell your body that it can do whatever it wants. Whatever your body wants to do, allow it to do it without any restriction. You may feel the need to emit a deep sigh, remember a specific memory, feel tense in a certain area, feel relaxed in another area or even burst into tears or feel a deep sense of relief. These signals indicate that the body needs space to heal and refresh itself. An opposite effect will be produced if the body is in a natural state.

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