Monday, November 30, 2015

Musings On The Road

I travel on a road,
To a place I have to go,
If I want to be there,
I don't even know.

Lack of space,
Sweaty race,
Fear and anger,
Set the pace.

Enjoy the journey,
Is what they all say,
And I am yet to see
Many a cheerful face.

The one whizzing faster,
The one weaving through,
Do they have it figured
Or do they even wonder?

At the destination,
There's no pot of gold,
If I travel again the same road,
Will a different story unfold?


Geets said...

That was a very thoughtful poem..
Made me do some thinking


VS said...

Thank you. What was the outcome of the thinking? :)

Destination Infinity said...

I think it's 'experience the journey'. Because, enjoyment is just one form of experience and we need a multitude of emotions to feel complete.

Destination Infinity

VS said...

Good thought Destination Infinity. A mindful journey is perhaps the most enriching one.