Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fourth Key: Give Up Being Right

An enormous amount of energy becomes available once you give up the need to be right.

If your sole identity is about being right, then you are always under the threat of being proven wrong or having your authority taken away from you.

You must realize that you see the world as you are. Others see the world as they are, too. This insight is tremendously liberating because it makes you realize that there can exist an equality of viewpoints. You express your point of view, but give up the need to defend it. When the need to be right fades, grievances and resentments decrease and so do anger and hostility.

A beautiful exercise is recommended by Deepak Chopra. Everyday ask “What can love do? Show me. I am ready.” Say it out loud. Remember this statement for the rest of the day and be open to how life will reveal its answers to you.


VSB said...

I totally agree with the fact that one should exprees their view point and 'not feel the need to defend it', but sometimes the astigmatic vision of some if not corrected (at least an attempt at correction is called for)can lead to catastrophy of the worst kind. However, in daily life I do believe giving up the 'need to be right' can be quite a liberating experience.'

VS said...

I agree that there are circumstances where the need to defend a viewpoint is required. However as you have pointed out, the need to defend should not be a habit.