Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sixth Key: See The World In Yourself

Your perception of reality changes according to your state of consciousness. Your consciousness creates the reflection of your inner and outer reality. If your consciousness vibrates at the level of love, then you will experience love both inside and in the outer world. A conscious change in the reality to realize more joy requires you to go deep within and transform your inner core.

The highest level of consciousness is pure being which may manifest as spontaneity, wonder, joy and playfulness.

Pure being leads to the highest level of feeling. Four values which constitute the high level of feeling include: (1) Loving kindness (2)Compassion (3) Joy at the success of others and (4) Equanimity, peace.

The highest level of feeling creates the highest level of thinking and doing. At the highest level of thinking is a constant flow of creativity accompanied by feelings of joy and compassion. At the highest level of doing, your actions extend beyond personal advancement and reach to benefit everything around you.

The first step to take is to be mindful. Awareness of breath is one of the initial recommended practices of mindfulness.


VSB said...

Guess this is important in evolution of man to superman, not in terms of physical strength but in terms of realising ones true potential as a humanbeing.

V S said...

I think compassion and kindness require more strength and courage than activities which display clout.