Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seventh Key: Live for Enlightenment

Author Deepak Chopra says that the desire for happiness is only the beginning of a journey that reaches for higher fulfillment. The description has mystical components. The deeper desire is to achieve the original energy state of ecstasy and to experience the freedom that comes with complete awakening.

Enlightenment is the most aware state of existence; one that of complete awakening. It has to be considered a natural state of being. A glimpse into this state may be experienced during peak moments like while immersed in nature or an art form. These moments provide an experience of profound peace, love and joy.

We experience the world through our consciousness. Ordinary waking consciousness has components of fear and isolation. Progressive expansion of soul consciousness is recommended, which is safe, warm and welcoming.

How can you tell when you are making progress? By referring to the following indicators:

1. Your life flows with effortless spontaneity.
2. Love is becoming the motivating factor in your life.
3. You are discovering hidden sources of creativity and imagination.
4. You are accepting higher guidance.
5. Your choices benefit you and all those around you.

When you are on the right path, your ego begins to dissolve. You will then progress to cosmic consciousness, which means you are fully aware even when you are physically sleeping. Then one arrives at divine consciousness, when everything in the world is perceived as light. At the final stage one arrives at unity consciousness, where one ceases to see divisions and separations, as every moment and experience is a part of the ever-folding cosmos.


VSB said...

Personally speaking, unconditional joy and happiness strike me as the greatest liberating force in human life. As I understand it at this point in my life, Enlightenment is the state which gurantees such absolute liberation, thus it is imperative that we strive for the 'progressive expansion of soul consciousness' in our lifetimes.

pk said...

unbelievable,mature, thought provoking, educative article.One will definitely achieve bliss & happiness by following the meaning of the article.

V S said...

Certain things sound convincing and enticing but yet to achieve them is no easy task. :o)